MR. MORRIS'S CLASS - ROOM 303


All-Class Syllabus

Required Texts

  • Holy Bible (All Classes)
  • Glencoe McGraw-Hill: Algebra I (8th Grade Math)*
  • Glencoe McGraw-Hill: Algebra I (7th Grade Math)*
  • Glencoe McGraw-Hill: Pre-Algebra (6th Grade Math)*
  • HOLT Science: Physical Science (8th Grade Science)*
  • ABEKA Science: Order and Design (7th Grade Science)*
  • BJU Science: Earth and Space (6th Grade Science)*
* Unless otherwise instructed by the teacher, textbooks will not be covered and will remain in the classroom; these textbooks will not be taken home (excluding particular assignments/projects for which they will be necessary).  Digital textbook resources will be available through the student's Google Classroom account.

Required Materials

  • all-class three-ring binder with paper (no less than 1.5")
  • pens (red and other light color pens may not be used for notes, assignments, or tests)*
  • pencils (standard or mechanical)*
  • highlighters
  • scissors
  • agenda book
  • scientific calculator**
* Math assignments may be completed in pencil or pen (blue/black).  See "Homework Policy."
** Required for Algebra 1, Part 2 students only.

Grading Policy

All grading utilizes a weighted point system:

Grading Scale

The grading scale used in this class conforms to the ECS standard grading system:

A:  93% - 100%
B:  85% - 92%
C:  76% - 84%
D:  70% - 75%
F:  69% and below

Classroom Statutes

  1. Students must bring all required texts and materials to class everyday.  (Electronic devices are permitted in the classroom and are to be used only under the direction and supervision of the teacher.)

  2. Students must adhere to all the rules outlined in Epworth's Code of Conduct.

  3. Students must complete and turn-in all assigned work on the date it is due.  (Late work will not be accepted.)

  4. Students must behave in a manner representative of good character, integrity, and a life renewed by Jesus Christ.  
    (Misbehavior will not be tolerated.)

  5. Students must be in class and seated when the bell rings.  After arrival, students will be required to remain in the room until the dismissal of class.  It is expected that students use the restrooms before or after class time.  Remember, your absence/tardiness forfeits quality instruction of concepts and material otherwise gained through your attendance and participation in class.

Classroom Procedures

  1. Students will enter the classroom quietly and orderly.

  2. Students will greet their instructor and be seated immediately.

  3. Students will record any posted assignments and/or important quiz, test, and/or project dates in their agendas. 

  4. Students will follow the teacher's directions to complete their class's assigned work.

  5. Students will participate in class discussions and ask questions to gain clarification and understanding on particular concepts presented in class.

  6. Students will never leave unchanged.

Homework Policy

Students will be given daily homework assignments which are
reviewed, checked, and/or turned in the following day in class. 
However, the teacher will make every effort to avoid assigning lengthy
homework material on Wednesdays; time for mid-week church services and quality family events are valuable and beneficial for Christian families.  Routinely, online quizzes are given over the weekend and are open-notes, open-book, and must be accessed using the student's Google Classroom account and submitted no later than midnight Sunday evening, unless otherwise directed.  All homework assignments will be posted on RENWEB and/or the student's Google Classroom account on a day-to-day basis.  However, it is also the responsibility of the student to record all assignments in his or her agenda book.  Students may not work on homework assignments during class time unless specifically instructed by the teacher.  If a student misses a particular class and the school finds his or her absence to be "excused," then the student has the number of days absent to complete all of his or her missed assignments; students missing quizzes and/or tests must take them on the day they return to class or at the teacher's convenience.  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain his or her make-up work from the teacher. 

Quiz/Test Policy

Students will be given advanced notice of all test dates (providing students an appropriate amount of time to study, review, and prepare).  Test material (not actual test problems) may be reviewed in class before the day of the exam.  It is the responsibility of the student, not the teacher, to create his or her own study guide on the day(s) of the review.  After-school tutoring is available upon request.  See the "Academic Coaching" section for more information regarding the after-school tutoring schedule.  From time-to-time, online quizzes (using Google Classroom)*, "pop quizzes," open-notes quizzes, and closed-notes quizzes will be given to assess a student's note-taking skills and retention of an individual lesson.  It is crucial for students to develop good note-taking skills and good study habits to do well on these quizzes and tests.  After-school study sessions or "study nights" for certain tests may also be scheduled by the teacher.  Tests will be administered at the end of every chapter in all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math and Science classes.  In addition to these assessments, the 7th and 8th grade Algebra courses include mid-chapter tests to be administered halfway into each chapter.  Students will also submit their binders for grading on test dates.  Certain tests may be required to be taken home, signed by a parent, and returned back to the teacher.  Under no circumstances will "re-take" tests be given.  Students must learn how to master the material and prove their knowledge of the material and concepts.
*Online Quizzes should be completed without assistance from friends or relatives.

Daily Participation

15% of the student's grade is based on classroom participation.*  
Each day, every student is evaluated on preparedness, conduct, and involvement in that day's lesson.  Students coming to class without the required materials, "cutting up" in class, and not partaking in class discussions, will inevitably receive poor scores for participation. Classroom participation is necessary to fully grasp the concepts and material covered in class this year. 

*2 pts. awarded each day (1 pt. = preparedness; 1 pt. = participation)

Academic Coaching

No matter how great a subject is taught, some students will need extra attention and discipline to fully understand and apply all the topics covered in class.  After-school tutoring with 1-on-1 communication has always been considered as one of the best resources in guiding these
students.  Just as Jesus seeks to bring back the one lost sheep, so will the teacher do everything in his power to ensure every student overcomes any spiritual/academic struggle.  After-school
tutoring is available upon request.  
(Tutoring is
only available Wednesdays during Volleyball/Soccer season).

  • Combined/Mixed Grades - Wednesday (3:15 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.)

Classroom Discipline

In the event that an infraction occurs in the classroom (i.e. - any
time a student does not act in accordance with the classroom statutes), the following procedure* will be strictly adhered to:

1st offense: Verbal warning**

2nd offense: Written referral with "violation"
3rd offense: Written referral with "violation" and/or "foul"
4th offense: To be decided by the teacher and principal                               
* The "Stay in the Game" system will be incorporated within this policy. The teacher reserves the right to skip to a greater offense's 
punishment dependent upon the nature of the offense.
** Incomplete homework assignments automatically warrant a "violation."

Online Classes

Throughout the year, selected classes will be filmed and posted on the class's YouTube account for the benefit of parents and students.  Parental permission must be given to allow students to be videotaped for the purposes of this class.  Parents may exclude their child from these online class videos.

Download Video Consent Form 

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Teacher's Note

Contact me for any questions, comments, or concerns you might have by utilizing the "Contact Mr. Morris" feature on the home page of  I have done my best to outline all the expectations of my class and of every student.  Please note that this syllabus is unique and applies only to my classes.  This syllabus does not affect other teachers' policies; moreover, other teachers' policies do not affect my syllabus.  May Jesus Christ be glorified in every decision made within Epworth Christian School this school year!